A conservatory is probably the most important investment you will make in your new home. At Artisan we take pride and care to make sure your investment will enhance the value of your property as well as adding glamorous space to your home.

Professionally designed to suit you and your lifestyle. Each conservatory is fitted expertly by highly trained craftsmen who take care of every aspect of your conservatory from building the base, plumbing, electrical work to the hanging of of the final handle. Great care is given to each minute detail. All you need to do when we have gone is relax and enjoy the ambience of your new Artisan conservatory.

  • Tailor Made
  • Low Maintenance
  • High Security

Conservatories -adding glamorous space to your home

The process

  1. The base is laid with a damp proof membrane built in. Drains are also altered if needed.
  2. Side walls are built and the exterior is tidied up.
  3. The windows and door frames are added then the roof is built on the side frames.
  4. Finally the conservatory is glazed to allow the interior to be finished.


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